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Unlock our proven and tested PACKAGE with our tempates that are expertly formulated for entrepreneurs struggling with lack of financial vision so they can have more profits without spending hours on numbers


Right now, there is a big problem.

  • So you became an entrepreneur because you really wanted to help people. 
  • Yet, the reality has been completely the opposite. 
  • You now realize you also need to market yourself. 
  • Seems like just being good at what you do isn't enough.
  • You don't have profits, or enough profits and you don't know how to make your company (more) profitable.
  • Or you have profits but it is like a surprise because you don't have a clue how to pilot and understand the financials figures?
  • Or you know how to but maybe you want to lauch a product and you don't know if it is profitable or not?
  • Or you work hard and a lot and you don't understand where is going all your cash.



  • Like you are working almost for nothing
  • Or that you work a lot but you could have more cash
  • Or you think you should have more cash
  • Maybe you don't even have a clarity on how much is your annual target
  • You feel like a fraud and you don't know how to handle your financial stress
  • Or you are profitable but not sure that you are implementing the best strategy.


Let me introduce you to the: 


The Ultimate Bundle to understand rentability & profits  and make more profits to have financial freedom

in less than 2h, with only a pen, in an easy way



  • REASON 1 - You will have a crystal vision of your profits for the next three years
  • REASON 2 - No more stress anymore on cash flow because you will have the right mindset and tool to pilot your cash abd to know you are

  • REASON 3 - You will have just the one reflex to know if your new product you want to launch is profitable or no

  • REASON 4 - You own your finances and you do no have to stress about accounting figures you do not understand and that are not useful in business

  • REASON 5 - You will have financial freedom

  • REASON 6 - The package will save you so much time. How many hours do you think you will need to found the right template, understand and implement them ? 


Who is this best for? 


  • Coaches / Healers / Authors / Speakers

  • Marketers / Advertisers / Sales Experts 
  • Consultants / Trainers
  • E-Commerce companies 
  • Real Estate Experts 
  • Creative Businesses 
  • Entrepreneurs





The Profit Tracker Template

(Value: $250)

The testen proven Profit Tracker Template, user friendly, that will give you a beautiful template to track your expenses and turnover by program or product so you will understand the rentability of your products.


The Profit Formula

(Value: $250)

The utimate document that will learn you the rentability on products or services and how to implement it in your business.


The list of 20 mistakes

(Value: $250)

The list of all the common mistakes that leads companies to bankruptcy


This Bundle is easily worth over $750

But wait there is more :)


BONUS: Facebook Community for Customers Only

(Value: Priceless) 

The only way to interact directly with Christine under 1200$ fees

- and you'll interact a lot, I adore Facebook -


What Tools You Need To Use This Package... 

  • A pen and a paper
  • Not mandatory but if you prefer, You can use Exel or a GoogleDoc


How do the elements look like

  • You get PDF documents customer friendly so you won't have to stress on Excel or else.





Hi I'am Christine. I have worked as a finance and change consultant for 15 years in companies of différent size from little to international groups, in lots of differents domains like luxury (LVMH), communication, army.

I use to be a consultant, a financial teacher and I have a book for entrepreneurs, available on amazon in french (PRECIS DE L'ENTREPRENEURIAT).

I love playing piano and eating in good restaurants in Paris and all over the world.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs to have financial clarity and freedom.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not mandatory: GoogleDocs or Excel
  • A pen and a paper

After the payment, you will be directed in your very private membership space

  • It is a testen proven method and tools during my 15 consultancy experience
  • I know exactly the difficulties of companies to have financial clarity
  • No, you only have 1 licence to use the document and you are not allowed to share it.
  • You can buy another licence if you wish you.

No refund policy since once you have acces to the bundle, you have the product.

Absolutely gorgeous, send an mail to [email protected] and my team will come back to you.

Yes! There are designed to be super easy to understand and use.

Yes, if you are a company, you need to have financial clarity because one of the goal of a company is to earn money !

  • It is a world lots of noise and I know that you need to know me before. So you have this super valued pack to see how much I can help you and you will want more maybe later and have some training or coaching with me.
  • My mission is to help entrepreneurs to live thanks to their business and if this pack at a very low price can help them, my mission will be accomplised :D

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